Basics in Molecular Biology

Location: lecture hall of the Department of Ophthalmology

6720 Szeged, Korányi fasor 10-11

Friday 12:00-13:30 (see schedule)

Course requirements:

The goal of this subject to repeat the study material of the ’Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics’ in an interactive way, from different aspects.

Date Title Instructor
2. September 13. Basics of cell biology & DNA Zsolt Boldogkői (Tamás Petkovits)
4. September 27. RNAs, proteins & Cell cycle István Belecz
6. October 11. Transport processes & human genome Zsolt Boldogkői (Tamás Petkovits)
7. October 25. Inheritance & Genetic regulation, epigenetics Zsolt Boldogkői (István Prazsák)
9. November 1. FALL BREAK
10. November 8. Genes and traits & Evolution Zsolt Boldogkői (István Prazsák)
12. November 22. Cell signaling & Viruses Zsolt Boldogkői (Dóra Tombácz)
14. December 6. Bacteria & Selected topics István Belecz
This course has been organized for students having prospectively troubles with the ‘Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics’. We discuss the most important parts of the study program in so many words (and often interactively). The purpose of the course for everybody is not to fail the exam of the ’Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics’. Exam type: written (similarly to the ’Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics’) with questions from the basic requirements.